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Really appreciate the professionalism and expertise - Jt Property 

We have been with Jt Property for many years with John Tan providing the best service available. Nothing has ever been a problem and with my experience John can provide the tenant’s tenancy needs to a high standard with a friendly approach

Gopakumar Gopi

Vanessa Elias is a Real Estate Agent who goes above and beyond what is expected in her duties. I found her professional and responsive manner to be a refreshing change from my experiences with her industry peers during past tenancies. I highly recommend Vanessa’s services to all prospective tenants and property owners

Sean Sulzberger

Renting our apartment through Jt Property could not have been an easier process. Our application was processed really fast and we had a response in less than 24 hours from when we viewed the unit. The ongoing communication was great. There were never any issues with the unit itself and any notices about inspections or bills was communicated in sufficient time. Our property manager was very friendly and warm and made renting a breeze. For our first rental experience, it was straight forward, easy and made things really simple. I would highly recommend Jt Property to anyone looking to rent 

Sara Hassan

I would like to express the joy that I have had for 5 years to dealing with John Tan at Jt Property. John is very understanding and a pleasure to deal with. The communication levels are remarkable and He is willing to discuss any issues that arise and rectify in a prompt and professional manner

Kalpesh Nachiya

Renting through Jt Property was made easy by John being a very effective communicator. In my opinion that is the basis for an easy and amicable agent/tenant relationship with no dramas

Melissa Clarke

My experience with Jt Property whilst being a tenant along with my spouse in our first ever home has certainly been worthwhile. Not only was the property in which we rented very accommodating but also our main point of contact 'John Tan' displayed an exceptional level of professionalism and support in attending to our needs in conjunction with providing their managing services. In particularly, John was very approachable at all times and in fact demonstrated to be competent and efficient when assisting us with our inquiries and in rectifying any matters. Despite needing to relocate in order to be closer to family and work, I certainly look forward to dealing with the Jt Property team in the future. Having that said, I would definitely recommend Jt Property for others looking to rent a home or have their properties looked after by a reliable and trustworthy real estate service provider

Khaled Ahmad